We are a free national membership program, exclusively available through our loyalty and affinity partners,  featuring specific, tangible benefits and valuable information designed to help you save for college.


We have established an exclusive partnership with Americans for Affordable College Costs (AACC), a non-profit educational organization dedicated to providing parents and students innovative benefits and critical information that families need to make the dream of a college education more affordable. We provide these membership benefits through our website, and through newsletters, blogs, seminars, videos, webcasts, telephone town hall meetings, and other online communications to members.


AACC has a dedicated Advisory Board of professionals committed to education quality and affordable college costs for American families, including:


Executive Director James A. Boyle (former president of College Parents of America and vice president of brand marketing and corporate communications at Sallie Mae)

Kelly Johnston,  former Secretary of the US Senate; Member, Parents Council, Elon University

Gary Schleuger — a Commissioner on the Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education;

David Mammano, CEO, Next Step Education Group helping students, parent and educators with college, career and life planning;

Debbie Phelps, Director of the Education Foundation of the Baltimore County Public Schools.


Members receive  valuable benefits, including money-saving newsletters,  a free Personal College Savings Roadmap™ for each member family, access to a panel of experts, homework help,  and much more. Our membership also provides pragmatic “how-to” advice to help families squeeze more savings out of tight family budgets. These savings can be used, if desired, to augment college savings efforts … including savings on everyday purchases (gasoline, groceries, cell phones, cable bills, utilities, travel, dining out, taxes, and other purchases in a typical family budget).


NOTE: Our benefits include free access to the Tuition Rewards program. This benefit delivers thousands of dollars in tuition discounts – up to a full year’s tuition at over 380 private nonprofit colleges and universities in 45 states across the United States. To earn additional Tuition Rewards members must complete simple educational tasks each month about college savings.


Americans for Affordable College Costs (AACC) is also an advocate with the national media and policymakers for the interests of students and their families, focused on issues that help make education more affordable. For example, AACC supports efforts to make the tuition tax deduction a permanent part of the federal tax code, and efforts to enhance transparency in student loan terms to better inform student borrowers about their loan obligations and protections.


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