1. What is this membership all about?

The membership features information and benefits designed to help members afford the cost of a college education. CollegeSave has partnered with Americans for Affordable College Costs (AACC), a non-profit consumer education organization dedicated to educating and informing families how to save money and reduce the rising cost of college tuition. Members receive valuable benefits including a Personal College Savings Roadmap®, access to our Panel of Experts, Homework Helplines to help kids get good grades, and opportunities to receive FREE Tuition Rewards Points® worth thousands of dollars in guaranteed tuition discounts at over 380 colleges across the United States.

 (Currently available to US residents only.)

2. How do I join?

Membership is available only to consumers who join through our partners!

3. What are the benefits of membership?

Members receive a Personal College Savings Roadmap®, free expert advice on college admissions and savings, free access to a panel of experts, and free access to Tuition Rewards Points. For more benefit details, Click Here

4. Who provides the Tuition Rewards benefit?

CollegeSave has contracted with one of the largest networks of private colleges to provide the Tuition Rewards benefit for CollegeSave member families. The network has contracted with over 380 colleges and universities across the U.S. to honor tuition discounts.

5. How do I get my free Personal College Savings Roadmap?

You simply log in to your account and answer a few questions about your current savings, your students’ expected graduation dates, monthly earnings, etc. (it takes about 5 minutes). Your Personal College Savings Roadmap will be generated instantly to download in a PDF document. The Roadmap will show you exactly how much you will need to save to reach your college savings goals for all the students in your family (and how much less you’ll need to save based on expected tuition discounts you can earn as a CollegeSave member).



6. Is this brand new, or have other students used the program to save on college tuition?

While our membership is new, our benefits bring you years of experience. For example, our Panel of Experts has decades of experience helping families like yours. The Tuition Rewards program is a mature, proven program. The tuition rewards discounts have been awarded to more than 4,000,000 families, and in 2017 alone, participating students submitted over $80.1 million in tuition discounts to the participating colleges!

7. What if I want to cancel my membership?

While of course we hope you will remain an active member (from as early as birth to the end of your student’s junior year in high school to maximize your college savings), you are free to cancel at any time. Even if you cancel you are entitled to keep your Personal College Savings Roadmap, advice you receive from the Panel of Experts, all your Smart Savings Newsletters, and redeem all your tuition savings and all your other benefits you’ve received to that point.

8. Why is there a need for this kind of membership?

Frankly, college is expensive! College tuition has been rising much faster than inflation and family income for decades, making the dream of a college degree more expensive and less affordable for a growing number of American families. To cope with soaring costs, students are borrowing more and more in student loans, and graduating with record debt.

9. Why are there no public colleges or universities participating in the program?

State schools are often oversubscribed and are less interested in discounting tuition to attract more good qualified students. In addition, state governments have dramatically reduced the amount of subsidies provided to state colleges and universities in recent years, forcing state schools to raise tuition at a faster rate than private colleges.

Overcrowding and other factors have also made it difficult for students to graduate within four years at state schools – on average, only 25%* of students at public colleges graduate within four years. Our program features private nonprofit colleges and universities which have a strong track record graduating students in four years and are interested in helping families to attract more students to apply to their institutions. *(LA Times 12/17/14)

Whether you chose a public or private college our membership will help you afford the cost of college!

10. How can I learn more about how the program works?

Contact CollegeSave at (877)-812-1203.

Get started saving for college today!