Save thousands on tuition at over 370 private colleges with guaranteed tuition discounts for your kids, grandkids, stepkids, nieces, nephews or any child in your family. Godchildren qualify too!

It’s simple. When you become a SafeGuard client and enroll in one of our programs, you are entitled to a free CollegeSave membership. This membership features information and benefits designed to help you plan, save and afford the cost of a college education for the children in your family. There is no cost to you.


CollegeSave is dedicated to educating and informing families how to save money and reduce the rising cost of college tuition.

The colleges cover 100% of the cost of the tuition discounts, making it possible for SafeGuard to offer you this valuable benefit at no cost to you.


  1. Enroll in an eligible SafeGuard program.
  2. We’ll establish a CollegeSave Account in your name and we’ll give you 1000 bonus Tuition Discount Points just for signing up, Each point is worth $1.00 in tuition discounts at over 370 private colleges and universities in 45 states. 
  3. Through our Member Portal, you can assign a child of your choice as the beneficiary for the Tuition Discount benefit.
  4. For every year you remain an active eligible SafeGuard customer in good standing, we’ll extend your CollegeSave account another year.
  5. You can earn even more points by taking an occasional survey or referring a friend to SafeGuard.
  6. When your child is ready for college, your Tuition Discount Points can be used to reduce the cost of tuition at any participating college.
  7. You can save up to one full year’s worth of tuition costs per beneficiary. You’ll enjoy automatic savings off tuition in four equal installments during the four years of college at participating schools. All students must get admitted under standard admission criteria of the participating school. 


Just by being an active customer of SafeGuard in good standing, you’ll earn a Tuition Discount Point bonus for signing up, plus you’ll accumulate additional Tuition Discount Points for each month you remain an active client in good standing,


Homework Helplines

All members with have access to a directory of free homework help resources available in their county and state. This is a great tool for those kids that just need a little extra help to get good grades in school before they apply to college.

Savings E-Newsletter

Members receive our CollegeSave Smart-Savings e-newsletter every month as another FREE benefit of membership. Every issue is a money-saving solution – chock full of practical tips every family can use to squeeze more savings out.

College Roadmap

We’ll create a personal “roadmap” for your family’s college savings! It’s a challenge for most families to save all they need to cover soaring college costs. That’s why we’ve arranged to create a unique Personal College Savings Roadmap® for your family!

Panel of Experts

Our CollegeSave experts will answer your questions via email within 72 hours – another service for members! Saving for college is challenging. Finding a school that really is the right “fit” for your child is like trying to solve a puzzle without having access to all the pieces. Once you figure out where your student should apply, how do you get a “yes” from the college of their choice? And what about younger kids – what can you do now to help them to learn, to think, and to earn the grades they’ll need for a college acceptance?

Students must be admitted to one of the participating colleges on standard admission criteria. Students use the rewards for discounts off full tuition in 4 equal installments from freshman to senior year of college. The tuition savings benefit is provided as a discount off tuition by each college; schools sign contracts with the program’s college network administrator to honor the tuition discount (it is never paid in cash to a participating student or family).  All students in the member’s extended family are eligible, from birth to the beginning of the junior year of high school;  members can name their child, stepchild, niece, nephew, cousin, godchild or grandchild  as a beneficiary of the tuition discounts. There is no requirement for students to select a college they will attend in advance.  The Tuition Discount points represent a guaranteed minimum scholarship that can be combined  with other aid offered by the participating college. Additional requirements, including deadlines for registering students in the program and procedures for redemption of tuition discounts are provided in the CollegeSave Membership Terms and Conditions  on the program membership portal.

Get started saving for college today!