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College is Expensive!

An undergraduate degree often costs more than $100,000 today! Most students must borrow to pay for school, and many students graduate with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt!

Every family needs a PLAN to cover these extraordinary expenses!

As a member, you’re entitled to a personal plan showing you how to afford soaring college costs – a simple solution to make it practical and easy to create and follow your own personal college savings plan for your family. You’ll get a personal College Savings Roadmap and access to tuition discounts at over 380 colleges and universities.

How do we do this?

1st, we give you a Personal College Savings Roadmap® detailing your family’s personal college savings plan. You’ll see exactly how much you need to save to reach your college savings goals. This is free for members… a college financing plan for all the students in your family, not just the one nearest graduation!


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2nd, you’ll have unlimited access to our Panel of Experts on finding the right school, getting a “Yes,” and affording the cost – we guarantee an email reply to any of your questions on these topics within 72 hours!

3rd, we’ll introduce you to colleges that are unusually generous with financial aid and merit aid. These schools have a superb record of getting their students to graduation in 4 years – saving you the expense of a possible 5th or 6th year’s tuition! We’ll explain how you can frequently pay less than “sticker price” for a college education!

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4th, we’ll show you how to understand and compare 529 College Savings Plans, to help you enjoy special tax benefits on your college savings, reduce the need for student loans, and cover the additional costs of a college degree!

And that’s not all! To help you save for college, we’ll give you access to the Tuition Rewards® program! Your family can earn up to a full year of tuition discounts – worth thousands of dollars in tuition at over 380 colleges and universities across the United States – just check the box to opt-in when you enroll and you’ll get access to your Tuition Discounts! (In 2017 alone, students submitted rewards points worth over $80.1 million in tuition discounts at the participating colleges; each point is $1 in tuition discounts!) You’ll get 250 Tuition Rewards® Points when you join, plus you can earn 250 more points in your family account every single month you remain a member by opening our newsletter, or viewing a 1 minute video on the value of a 529 account, for example.

ALL your member benefits are INCLUDED:

* A College Savings Roadmap
* Experts to answer your college admissions and financing questions
* Tuition Rewards® Points (just opt-in)
* Smart Savings e-newletter
* Homework Helplines
* And More!

See How You Can Save…

Are These Tuition Discounts Really Possible?

Yes, these are guaranteed tuition discounts off full tuition! No, this is not “too good to be true!” The participating schools have supported the Tuition Rewards program for almost 20 years to attract students like those in your family. This makes it possible for you to enjoy all your member benefits and save thousands in college costs!

Get started saving for college today!