1. Personal College Savings Roadmap


We’ll create a personal “roadmap” for your family’s college savings!

It’s a challenge for most families to save all they need to cover soaring college costs. That’s why we’ve arranged to create a unique Personal College Savings Roadmap® for your family!

Here’s how it works: On your very first day of membership you’ll receive access to our simple online proprietary roadmap tool asking you to answer a few simple questions (how many kids or grandkids do you have, what are your savings goals, how much have you saved, when will your students graduate, how much will your budget really allow you to save each month, and so on). Then we’ll email you a simple, straightforward action plan to help you get to your goals. It’s all included as part of your Membership!


This valuable roadmap will help make the dream of a college degree for the students in your family an affordable reality!


Get started saving for college today!