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Saving for college is challenging. Finding a school that really is the right “fit” for your child is like trying to solve a puzzle without having access to all the pieces. Once you figure out where your student should apply, how do you get a “yes” from the college of their choice? And what about younger kids – what can you do now to help them to learn, to think, and to earn the grades they’ll need for a college acceptance?


  • How do you find the right college for your child?
  • How do you know if your child has a realistic chance of getting in?
  • What can your child do years before they apply to improve their grades, to demonstrate the skills and character a particular school is looking for, or to    focus on extracurricular activities that will distinguish them from other applicants?
  • Is there a secret to writing a successful college essay?
  • How much will college cost your family? How should you fill out the “FAFSA” form to maximize your chances for more financial aid?


Of course, there are college advisory firms you can hire that can answer some of these questions. It’s very expensive to hire these experts – often as much as thousands of dollars!


That’s why at CollegeSave we’ve assembled our Panel of Experts – former college admissions officers, college coaches and consultants, college financing experts, authors, scholarship consultants, teaching and learning experts … to provide you FREE email access to the best advice available for parents and students!


CollegeSave members simply submit a question via email and one of our experts will reply with an answer within 72 hours! It’s the fast, simple, affordable way to find answers to these difficult questions from acknowledged experts in the field.


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