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content_E-newsletter_-_iconMembers receive our CollegeSave Smart-Savings e-newsletter every month as another FREE benefit of membership. Every article is a money-saving solution – chock full of practical tips every family can use to squeeze more savings out of an already tight family budget.
This is “news you can use” … practical, hands-on, easy to implement advice with guaranteed savings in every recommendation. In fact, Smart-Savings comes with an Ironclad Guarantee: if you simply follow the advice in each issue, we guarantee you’ll save at least $100 more that month! That adds up to additional savings of at least $1200 per year!


Every issue features a college savings strategy designed to put more money into your college savings fund (with specific strategies for parents of newborns and toddlers, middle schoolers, and high school students).


Plus you’ll read articles in every issue revealing explicit, practical secrets for savings on everyday purchases, including savings on:

• Groceries
• Gasoline
• Cable bills
• Utilities (electricity, gas and water bills)
• Cell phone bills
• Dining out
• Cooking at home
• Internet service
• Free Wi-Fi
• Airline tickets
• Hotels
• Car Rentals
• Buying A Home
• Buying vs. Leasing A Car
• Shopping For A Mortgage
• And lots more!


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