Your Member Benefits

When you become a member, you are entitled to valuable benefits for your family that we created to help you:


  • Save for college
  • Find the right college for your student
  • Get accepted to the school of your choice


We’ll show you how to save thousands of dollars on the purchases you make every day, and we’ll design a personal College Savings Roadmap for your family to help you reach your college savings goals.


PLUS, as a member, you’re entitled to access the Tuition Rewards®, for savings in tuition discounts at over 380 colleges and universities across the United States … just opt-in when you enroll by checking the box to participate.


See below for details on the money-saving benefits you are entitled to as a Member:

1. Your Own Personal College Savings Roadmap

We’ll create a personal College Savings Roadmap® for your family’s college savings needs!

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2. A Panel of Experts

A Panel of Experts answering your personal questions via email, on topics including tuition costs, college admission, and school selection! It often can cost thousands of dollars to hire expensive consultants to answer these questions.

But our Panel of Experts provides free guidance for parents and students and you can submit an unlimited number of questions as a member of CollegeSave. You’ll get an answer back within 72 hours, prepared by one of our experts, and emailed directly to you.

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3. Tuition Rewards® Points Worth Thousands In Tuition Discounts

As a member, you can opt-in to participate in our free Tuition Rewards® Points program. Participants receive 250 Tuition Rewards® Points worth $250 in guaranteed tuition discounts, deposited immediately in your membership account.


Plus, we’ll deposit 250 more Tuition Rewards® Points (worth $250 more in tuition discounts!) each month for as long as you continue your active membership, and answer a simple question each month about college savings! Tuition discounts are valid at over 380 colleges and universities in 45 states across the United States!

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4. A Smart-Savings Monthly E-Newsletter

A Smart-Savings monthly e-newsletter featuring college savings tips and hundreds of dollars in practical lifestyle savings advice in every issue.

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5. Homework Help For Your Kids

A national directory of free homework help from live tutors, video’s, and other homework resources.

Bonus Benefit – Peace of Mind

The Peace of Mind you’ll enjoy knowing you are finally, saving every month for your family’s college tuition costs.

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Get started saving for college today!